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What’s Paula Jean Cuisine?

Chefs Roll says about Paula Jean Cuisine ~

“From decadent desserts to elegant entrees, Paula creates what she calls “Paula Jean Cuisine” – a combination of Southern Home Cooking with Modern Day Charm.”

According to me, in life you need a little bit of this ~ 

 Served with quite a bit of this ~ 

And topped off with A LOT of this ~

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Playing with her Food

Libbie. Just Libbie.

Libbie. Just Libbie being herself. And what a self it is.

You see, she makes her living by playing with her food. Some call it styling, but I’m pretty sure she calls it playing with her food. She’s free and famous (even though she would disagree about the famous part), fun and fabulous. She’s Libbie.

Tom, Pam and myself at the Golf, Grape & Grub radio show had the titillating experience yesterday (yes, you heard me right) talking with Libbie about her brand, Libbie Summers: A Food-Inspired Life. Early in the game I realized that Tom had met his match, and I also realized it was time to just sit back, put my seatbelt on and enjoy the ride that those two were about to take me on. 

From wine recs to dog breeds to sensuous pies, the time flew all too fast, as it always does when you’re having the time of your life. It’s a wonderful thing when two worlds collide. 

MacPhailGGG 5.16.15

The infamous pie, Libbie’s ‘Post-Coital Pie,’ continued to be the topic of discussion between us after the show, as we shared a bottle of MacPhail. 

 We toasted Libbie Summers and her Life that was truly Food-Inspired and perused her latest book of whimzy, Sweet & Vicious, Baking with AttitudeIt was clear to us all that one thing had to be done. And soon. Pam had to make her first pie, and it had to be a Libbie pie, page 130. Post-Coital Pie

photo and recipe courtesy of Libbie Summers
photo and recipe courtesy of Libbie Summers

With the urgency of a great NASA Space Mission, we each shopped for our contributions to what now would become a relaxed and enjoyable pie-making, filet-grilling, baked potato-stuffing and Boston Legal-watching day. 

It’s true-Libbie Summers does indeed Teach, Entertain and Inspire.

Now Pam, the person who stores stilettos in her oven, has become the proud owner of Sweet & Vicious-Baking with Attitude and is now picking out what Libbie recipe will be next on her agenda. Amazing.


Latest Contest Entered ~

Saucy Mama!

Saucy Mama

Saucy Champagne Lemon Crab-Filled Shells


Saucy Crab Shells

Tonight we got even saucier at dinner using Saucy Mama’s Champagne Honey Mustard in creamy Lemon, Crab and Ricotta Stuffed Shells. Oh, yes, we did. In word word, D-I-V-I-N-E.

This Italian-inspired recipe began when Saucy Mama’s Champagne Honey Mustard met the creamy, cheesy sauce. The two met, fell in love and became one. Fresh basil, lemon zest, lump crab and ricotta made a luscious filling that will leave you speechless. 

I love you, Saucy Mama.

To celebrate the marriage of these wonderful flavors and textures, Saucy Mama is making sure one of YOU can become “saucy” too! 

The first comment here on my blog, PaulaJeanCuisine, on this very post saying what you would bring to the “wedding” wins! So, tell us what yummy side dish or dessert you would bring to this great occasion. 

Much Love,

Saucy Mama and PaulaJeanCuisine



Adult Fish Sticks en Croute with a side of “Louie, Louie” Sauce

and Gingered Cucumber & Broccoli Slaw

Salmon Sticks en Croute

In a world full of boxes and fast food, some things just need a whole new spin. For me, the memory of fish sticks on Friday dipped in cocktail sauce still makes me a little giddy. 

THIS is my kicked up version – Salmon en Croute with a layer of saucy cream cheese and a layer of fresh baby spinach. I used Saucy Mama’s Dill Mustard  to add flavor to the cream cheese-a perfect addition to the salmon. 

Of course I wanted something saucy to dip these tender, flaky little sticks into, so my special “Louie, Louie” sauce (named after my beloved and much missed Seattle) was created, using Saucy Mama’s Zesty Cocktail Sauce, a little softened cream cheese, and a bit of sweet relish thrown in-it couldn’t get any easier than that!

In order too get just a little bit “saucier” I made an easy side dish of cucumber, packaged broccoli slaw mix and a little red onion with Saucy Mama’s Sesame Ginger Dressing. Throw a little toasted sesame seed on the top if you want to get extra fancy. I did. 

Soon and very soon I will announce a Saucy Mama GIVEAWAY so you can try out some of her AWESOME sauces too! 


The Saucy Southwesterner – not just another chicken sandwich

Using Lime Chipotle Marinade

 The Saucy Southwest Chicken Sandwich

Living in Texas, I appreciate a good chipotle sauce or marinade. The reason? No other spices or herbs are needed-how easy is that?!

Let’s talk about Saucy Mama’s “All Natural” Lime Chipotle Marinade. The skinless, bonesless chicken breasts were pounded thin, marinated 10 minutes and then grilled (I used a grill pan inside). 

Fresh cut corn off the cob roasted with chili powder, combined with roasted yell bell pepper, tomato, red onion and cilantro makes a great relish to top the pepperjack cheese-covered chicken. To add a special touch, I grilled a split and buttered herb ciabatta roll for the bread. 

Not one other single spice was needed because the marinade did it’s job, and that’s a wonderful thing. Thanks, Saucy Mama.

Check back for a Saucy Giveaway!

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