Family, Wine and Food

As the “Grub Guru” of the nationally syndicated Golf, Grape & Grub radio show, I find myself obsessed with the marriage of food, wine and family as I listen to winemakers tell their family stories and share their love for wine making.

Ted Seghesio

Recently, Ted Seghesio with Seghesio Family Winery was on our show telling stories of wine making in his family since 1895. Ted and his family live in the town of Healdsburg, California in Sonoma county and are 4th generation. Their wines have placed in the annual Wine Spectator Top 100 eight times.  As I visited the Seghesio website I found a collection of Seghesio Recipes, which in my world is a divine discovery. Family recipes displayed for all of us to enjoy, recreate and share. Their chef, Peter Janiak, creates masterpieces with flair to pair with the Seghesio wine. According to the Seghesio Legacy Story,

It begins with the vision and determination of immigrants and continues through the hardship of Prohibition and the challenges of survival in the 20th and 21st century. It is the story of one family’s adaptation and reinvention, not once, but multiple times. Most of all it is the story of the values we hold dear: heritage, tradition and community.

As the story goes, Edoardo Seghesio was an Italian immagrant and winemaker.

He planted his first Zinfandel vineyard in what is now Seghesio’s Home Ranch Vineyard in Sonoma County’s Alexander Valley.

 I love the before and after photos of the family home and the fact that the legacy continues.

Seghesio Family House Before and After; Photo courtesy of Seghesio Family Winery

Seghesio Family House Before and After; Photo courtesy of Seghesio Family Winery

Recently I spotted this facebook post from the acclaimed Seghesio Executive Chef, Peter L. Janiak. The caption reads…

The Culinary Consiglieri and the Godfather of Wine….
“Take the gun, leave the cannoli”

Photo Courtesy of  Chef Peter L. Janiak

Photo Courtesy of Chef Peter L. Janiak

 Here’s Chef Janiak’s ‘Duck Confit with Corona Beans, Pancetta and Chanterelles‘ ~ 

Janiak's Duck Confit 

You can also watch his video HERE.  

Rachel Ann Seghesio was a very famous cook in Sonoma county, and her memory lives on as the Seghesio Family shares her recipe for Minestrone Soup, Italaian Ratatouille, her Ravioli Dough, her Ravioli Filling and her Infamous Potato Gnocchi. I’m getting my kitchen tools together for a special “Rachel Ann Pasta Making Day” soon. 

Going back to Chef Janiak’s Cannoli caption, I must, must, must add a few of my favorite cannoli spots…




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