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What’s Paula Jean Cuisine?

Chefs Roll says about Paula Jean Cuisine ~

“From decadent desserts to elegant entrees, Paula creates what she calls “Paula Jean Cuisine” – a combination of Southern Home Cooking with Modern Day Charm.”

According to me, in life you need a little bit of this ~ 

 Served with quite a bit of this ~ 

And topped off with A LOT of this ~


Libbie Summers.

Playing with her Food

May 23, 2015

Libbie. Just Libbie.

Libbie. Just Libbie being herself. And what a self it is.

You see, she makes her living by playing with her food. Some call it styling, but I’m pretty sure she calls it playing with her food. She’s free and famous (even though she would disagree about the famous part), fun and fabulous. She’s Libbie.

Tom, Pam and myself at the Golf, Grape & Grub radio show had the titillating experience yesterday (yes, you heard me right) talking with Libbie about her brand, Libbie Summers: A Food-Inspired Life. Early in the game I realized that Tom had met his match, and I also realized it was time to just sit back, put my seatbelt on and enjoy the ride that those two were about to take me on. 

From wine recs to dog breeds to sensuous pies, the time flew all too fast, as it always does when you’re having the time of your life. It’s a wonderful thing when two worlds collide. 

MacPhailGGG 5.16.15

The infamous pie, Libbie’s ‘Post-Coital Pie,’ continued to be the topic of discussion between us after the show, as we shared a bottle of MacPhail. 

 We toasted Libbie Summers and her Life that was truly Food-Inspired and perused her latest book of whimzy, Sweet & Vicious, Baking with AttitudeIt was clear to us all that one thing had to be done. And soon. Pam had to make her first pie, and it had to be a Libbie pie, page 130. Post-Coital Pie

photo and recipe courtesy of Libbie Summers
photo and recipe courtesy of Libbie Summers

With the urgency of a great NASA Space Mission, we each shopped for our contributions to what now would become a relaxed and enjoyable pie-making, filet-grilling, baked potato-stuffing and Boston Legal-watching day. 

It’s true-Libbie Summers does indeed Teach, Entertain and Inspire.

Now Pam, the person who stores stilettos in her oven, has become the proud owner of Sweet & Vicious-Baking with Attitude and is now picking out what Libbie recipe will be next on her agenda. Amazing.


Latest Recipes ~ 

It’s All Greek to Me


 Finished Gyros with the Avocado Tzatziki and relish
Finished Gyros with the Avocado Tzatziki and relish

Sargento Cheese has a contest that is winding down called “Chopped At Home Challenge.” It’s round 3, and I never entered Rounds 1 & 2. For Round 3 the required ingredients are ~ kale, oyster crackers, bacon andSargento 4-State Cheddar Cheese. I thought, “I can do that,” and I immediately thought of gyros. IMG_6816

I came up with “4 Cheese Triple Meat Greek Gyros with Creamy Avocado Tzatziki and Minted Cucumber-Tomato Relish.” Long title, and I did have to shorten it, but you get the point.


I gathered up all my ingredients and got to work. 

Noriko’s Curry 

June 4, 2015

Noriko's Curry

 noun – a dish of meat, vegetables, etc., cooked in an Indian-style sauce of strong spices and turmeric and typically served with rice.
I’ve never been a fan. Sensitive stomach and sensitive nose. Smelled like stinky feet to me all these years. That is until I met a Japanese cook named Noriko Kudoh.
I had to know what curry really is. It’s a leaf. It’s a combination of spices. It’s a dish with gravy. Now I’m confused. When I tried to rename Noriko’s dish she simply calls “curry,” by calling it beef curry with vegetables, she said it was called “curry.” You see, when we say we’re going to “make a curry,” we mean we’re going to make a dish with gravy, as opposed to a dry preparation.
You can have curries made with different bases for the gravy – yogurt, tomatoes, onion… the possibilities are endless.

If you’re going to have “a curry,” you’re going to have a dish that has gravy in it. So, there you go. 

I was in love at first taste, and it was extremely easy to make. Noriko came over and showed me the ropes the first time, and now I whip it up in a matter of minutes-40 minutes tops. Really two steps-cook the vegetables and beef, then add the tomatoes and cover. Cook 20 minutes. Add the Curry, stir and serve.

According to Noriko, the secret is in the cumin seeds that are used.  A small
Two kinds of curry spice – Curry Sauce mix and Curry Powder. IMG_2889

1 15 ounce can of diced tomatoes, minced garlic, chopped onion, carrots and celery. One pound of ground beef (or ground chicken or ground turkey).

Click HERE for the recipe on my site. I hope you’ll try it!

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