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What’s Paula Jean Cuisine?

Chefs Roll says about Paula Jean Cuisine ~

“From decadent desserts to elegant entrees, Paula creates what she calls “Paula Jean Cuisine” – a combination of Southern Home Cooking with Modern Day Charm.”

According to me, in life you need a little bit of this ~ 

 Served with quite a bit of this ~ 

And topped off with A LOT of this ~

Most Recent Recipe Post ~ July 4, 2015

Cheesecake Samoa S’Mores Bars

Cheesecake Samoa S'mores Bars.Paula Todora

Combine 3 of your favorite desserts-cheesecake, chocolate chip cookies and s’mores-that’s what my new creation includes, plus an added extra “samoa” kick-toasted coconut. Too good to be true? When you take a bite you’ll swear you’re in heaven. 

This recipe was created for a Campfire marshmallow contest-and created in the hopes of winning the grand prize, which is a full patio set with a built in fire table. My 6 year old grandson just designed and built out fire pit, so I know he’ll appreciate that fire table!IMG_7432

The recipe will be posted after the contest winner is announced on or around Monday, July 10th. Wish me luck!

Article ~ Libbie Summers.

Playing with her Food

May 23, 2015

Libbie. Just Libbie.

Libbie. Just Libbie being herself. And what a self it is.

You see, she makes her living by playing with her food. Some call it styling, but I’m pretty sure she calls it playing with her food. She’s free and famous (even though she would disagree about the famous part), fun and fabulous. She’s Libbie.

Tom, Pam and myself at the Golf, Grape & Grub radio show had the titillating experience yesterday (yes, you heard me right) talking with Libbie about her brand, Libbie Summers: A Food-Inspired Life. Early in the game I realized that Tom had met his match, and I also realized it was time to just sit back, put my seatbelt on and enjoy the ride that those two were about to take me on. 

From wine recs to dog breeds to sensuous pies, the time flew all too fast, as it always does when you’re having the time of your life. It’s a wonderful thing when two worlds collide. 

MacPhailGGG 5.16.15

The infamous pie, Libbie’s ‘Post-Coital Pie,’ continued to be the topic of discussion between us after the show, as we shared a bottle of MacPhail. 

 We toasted Libbie Summers and her Life that was truly Food-Inspired and perused her latest book of whimzy, Sweet & Vicious, Baking with AttitudeIt was clear to us all that one thing had to be done. And soon. Pam had to make her first pie, and it had to be a Libbie pie, page 130. Post-Coital Pie

photo and recipe courtesy of Libbie Summers
photo and recipe courtesy of Libbie Summers

With the urgency of a great NASA Space Mission, we each shopped for our contributions to what now would become a relaxed and enjoyable pie-making, filet-grilling, baked potato-stuffing and Boston Legal-watching day. 

It’s true-Libbie Summers does indeed Teach, Entertain and Inspire.

Now Pam, the person who stores stilettos in her oven, has become the proud owner of Sweet & Vicious-Baking with Attitude and is now picking out what Libbie recipe will be next on her agenda. Amazing.


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